E-Mobility / Solar Energy

Battery Management System

We at TA Engineering are specialized in customized design of hardware and software of electronic modules for Lithium Ion Battery Management System. To achieve the customer requirements and specifications we use automotive standards like EMC requirements, FMEA/FMEDA/FTA and Safety function requirements ralated to ISO 26262. We design the product/electronic module in such a way that allow us to get a product with high quality standard and acceptable price. Our High-tech measurement equipment and design tools allow us to achieve the customer requirements in a short development time. Our experience in Software development helps us also to design an optimized hardware using the best practicable solution.

The Lith-Ion Batteries can be used also to storage the solar energy.

Battery Management System


  • BMC
  • CMC
  • BJB
  • ESW
  • BCPM



Up to 1KV