We at   TA ENGINEERING  are specialized in customized design of hardware and software of electronic modules and microprocessor based controllers for Industrial and Automotive applications.

TA Engineering is deeply involved in Research & Development projects for some major international companies in the automotive industry. We provide technical consultancy and support to the automotive, industrial and educational sector.
Because of our long R&D experience in analog and digital technology we are able to provide our customers with technical consultancy in all product development phases, from product idea to the series product.

We offer a variety of engineering Services and work closely with our customers to meet their specifications and expectations. We also offer consultancy and support to our customer to improve the EMC characteristics of their PCB’s, electronic modules or systems. To meet high quality standards and to reduce the development time and costs we use High-tech measurement equipment and software tools.

We also offer Battery Management Systems for E-Mobility with our customer specifications.

R & D  -  E N G I N E E R I N G




Customized hardware design

We offer delivering of prototyping and small series to the customer specification

Embedded Operating System, VHDL, C




EMC, Thermal, Failure
Ishikawa, 8D Reports

EMC Test, analysis & optimization

LV/HV automotive BMS